Who Are We?

Since 1986, OPTIMUM Software Corporation has built and supported the OPTIMUM Data Management System; a relational multi-user database, development toolkit, and application operating platform for PCs and Local Area Networks.  Today, hundreds of OPTIMUM applications are running at thousands of sites, all around the world...from the U.S. to the U.K., Puerto Rico to Poland, Argentina to Australia.

We have been in the desktop database-application development business longer than Borland, longer than Oracle, and longer than Microsoft!  Our senior staff has been building system software tools for 30 years!

Early versions of OPTIMUM were doing real work on micro-computers in 1981...a few years before DOS.  When IBM brought its PC into the world, we were there! OPTIMUM was the first multi-user PC database to run under Novell NetWare, demonstrated at Spring Comdex 1983! It's unheard of upward compatibility and ongoing support for applications

What is OPTIMUM?

First and foremost, OPTIMUM handles data...for businesses of all sizes...every time of day, all around the globe...

But OPTIMUM is much more than a relational database system...OPTIMUM is a complete environment for building and operating sophisticated single- and multi-user database applications.

OPTIMUM includes our 4th GL Form Programming Language; a unique structured system for developing portable applications...fast!  Our experienced developers build sophisticated multi-table, multi-user, OPTIMUM form-based applications in a few hours...not days...not weeks.  Want some sample code to get started?  No problem...use the DEFINE table wizard to build yourself a fully functional, multi-user app for your favorite data table in seconds.

OPTIMUM's toolbox includes so many goodies...like Micro-ENGLISH...our advanced, SQL-like inquiry language and report writer...just the thing for those imaginative data queries, culling through information...getting answers...finding data outside the norm; letting your end-users manage by exception.

Need to build a custom extension in C++?  How about Visual Basic?  OPTIMUM's library of database and application functions offer support for outstanding hybrid applications.  You can build everything in OPTIMUM, or you can use OPTIMUM's Visual C++ and Visual Basic libraries to create that one special program or component you need and still retain complete integration to your other menus, data entry programs, and reports.

Modern Application Sophistication

OPTIMUM applications easily take full advantage of modern desktop tools and windows application interface features. Have a glance at the sophisticated screens produced by a leading OPTIMUM application, the Resort Management System, a full-scale owner-shared property and resort management package, from Advanced Management Systems in Charleston, South Carolina:

(A few of AMS' "Resort Management System" screens, seen here, show advanced OPTIMUM application developer capabilities and sophistication)

These 100% OPTIMUM-based applications reveal outstanding developer power available within OPTIMUM's development framework.

What About Support?

Developer support and incomparable product release compatibility is fundamental here!

For example, the latest version of OPTIMUM for Windows XP still offers object-code support for applications written using OPTIMUM versions released 25 years ago, without re-compiling!  Don't expect that from a so-called mainstream vendor...they don't even give you release-to-release source code compatibility.  We think our developers have better things to do than rewrite the same, functioning program to fit the framework-du-jour...

That's the kind of commitment our customers have come to rely on over the years...capability...reliability...operability.  In fact, OPTIMUM single- and multi-user applications run from the same compiled object-code under Windows 10, Windows 8 and 7, Windows NT, Windows/XP, Windows servers, on Novell NetWare, Windows networks, and thin-clients!

The Bottom Line

There are lots of database application toolkits in the world...but none of them have our experience, our level of support, or as much upward and cross-platform compatibility as OPTIMUM.  But you don't have to take our word for it...give us a call and we'll get you in touch with one of our developers...so you can talk to real people who've been making money with OPTIMUM for years, building and deploying applications...

As they'll undoubtedly tell you, when you're ready to get complete, multi-user applications done on time and into your customer's hands, you'll choose OPTIMUM.


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