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Product Specifications and Price List

OPTIMUM Runtime System - Version 8.09 

Operates OPTIMUM-based applications built with the OPTIMUM Developer's System (versions 7.03 through 8.09) without changes or recompiling. 

OS environments: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3), Windows 2013 Server (1)
For standalone machines
or network workstations attached to a Windows peer-to-peer network or a Novell NetWare server, or attached over a thin-client to a server via Windows Terminal Server or a Remote Desktop Connection

Includes the OPTIMUM Form Processor and Micro-ENGLISH components, along with XRFBLD32 and VERIFY32 utilities, and the SYSMNT utility form pack that includes form-based COPY, COMP, and EDIT functions, POINT, SHOW, and DATE functions. 

The 8.09 Form Processor supports large-model applications, .BMP/.JPG/.GIF/.PSD/.TIF graphics, tiled application frame backgrounds, full-screen-sized application windows, English-measurement-based display and printer graphics and text, proportional fonts, Message Boxes, List Controls, Edit Controls, Calendar Controls, Frame Menus, Push Buttons, Bitmap-Buttons (with rollover, selected, and disabled states), Progress Graphs, and other 3D visual objects.  Support for Windows Common Dialogs (File Open / Save, Printer Setup, and more).  Explorer-like 'shell' functions launch browsers, word processors, or file viewers under form program control, or operate Micro-ENGLISH concurrently! Launch an unlimited number of asynchronous application-form windows from one workstation without using up a console number license! Form applications now support Windows help files, and more. Tables up to 8GB, huge record support: records up to 16Mb! 

(Use of some features require existing OPTIMUM applications to be recompiled using the Form Development components available only in the OPTIMUM Developer's System.)

(1) OPTIMUM is no longer supported in the Windows 98SE or Windows NT (SP6) environments.

Annual License Pricing
(Includes free updates delivered continuously via the Internet, and automatic system integrity checking)
Base runtime platform license (1 workstation, 1 session)

inquire (#WRBA)

Additional network station or workstation session
inquire (#WXUA)
Unlimited workstation edition (allows 1,000 workstation sessions)
inquire (#WRUA)
Enterprise edition (allows multi-million-record tables with huge indexes and includes various enterprise configuration options and performance enhancements)
inquire (#WREA)
The annual subscription fees, above, are paid each year that the software is licensed. (Arrangements may be made to have this fee automatically charged to a credit-card on the license anniversary). An annually-licensed system will operate until its anniversary date, and requires Internet access from the installed computer periodically to check for updates and perform integrity checks. New versions of the system, as released by OPTIMUM Technical Support, are included in the annual license fee and are automatically downloaded and installed from the OPTIMUM Update Server over the Internet at no additional charge. Annual license fees include free first-time installation support by email. Other technical support, for example, support for OPTIMUM developers, and support by telephone, is available on a per-incident basis (please inquire).
License for offsite or 3rd-party equipment hosting
inquire (one time charge) (#WROH)
Licensing OPTIMUM for use on 3rd-party equipment, server farm, internet server, or offsite on any computer system that the End User does own or physically control within their own premises requires a written license executed in advance of installation and registration. This is a one-time fee per licensee per system that does not recur annually.

OPTIMUM Developer's System
Annual subscription (includes an annual license to a 3-user runtime system for testing and free updates for runtime and system development components)

Fine Print

End users are always encouraged to maintain proper backups of their installed database system, and doing so will help to avoid Technical Support charges.

Certain events, like upgrading or re-installing a computer's operating system, may require that OPTIMUM be reloaded from backup and re-activated. OPTIMUM systems with a current annual license will be re-activated in the event of a hardware failure, hard drive re-format, server replacement, or OS upgrade when the end-user certifies that the software has been removed from the previous computer, hard disk, or server. We MAY ask that you print and execute the PDF "Affidavit of Destruction", which may be scanned and emailed to support@optimumsoft.com or hardcopy sent via US mail.

If a backup is not available, a reloaded system must be re-registered and a Technical Support Incident charge will apply. In this case, the Affidavit is required.

There is a more complete discussion and FAQ about the re-activation/re-registration process here.

We do not re-register out-of-date versions of our software, or after support for any version that has been discontinued.

OPTIMUM Runtime System binaries are delivered via Internet email (where practical) or supplied on CDROM.  Prices shown are in U.S. dollars and do not include shipping charges, local sales taxes, import duties, tariffs, licenses or other fees. Any such charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.  All shipments are F.O.B. Denver, Colorado, USA.  Shipping charges and insurance are not included.

OPTIMUM is a copyrighted software product protected under the laws of the United States of America. For information about Software Piracy, including the Federal penalties for illicit use in the United States, please visit the Business Software Alliance website here.

OPTIMUM components are digitally signed for the protection of our end-users.

Standard terms for customers with established credit is NET 10 from date of invoice.

Orders for license renewals require a minimum of two business days lead time to return invoices and process payments. Orders submitted nearer than two business days to expiration may result in a usage outage, or be subject to an Expediting Charge.

Effective 1/1/08, our minimum invoice amount is $75.00. Products or Technical Support may be purchased immediately using PayPal.

Read the OPTIMUM End User Agreement for more information about the license terms and conditions.

Read our Support Policy for more information about technical support for your OPTIMUM products.

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